MDF Rectangle Personalised door plaque

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Detail Image

MDF Rectangle door plaque
MDF Rectangle hanging door plaque Lovely hanging mdf rectangle plaque. Printable on one side, fantastic bright white glossy finish. This product has a protective film over the sublimation coating ensure to remove before printing. Bright glossy finish Single side printing...

You can send in any Personalised sayings, initals, pictures, words or quotes in addition you can have your own photogragh and or words.
This fantastic door plague is great to make the perfect gift.

The price for this MDF Personalised door plague is just £7.99 plus £2.50 postage and packing

Once you have purchased your MDF Personalised Door Plague: After purchasing a personalised Christmas Gift /s please fill out the form for each purchase on this page. This will let us know what you have purchased and what photograph and or words you would like printing. Thank you.

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