Personalised 11oz Pink Glitter mug

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All of our Personalised 11oz Pink Glitter mugs are printed in house using a technique called Sublimation Printing. These are not transfers This is a process that uses heat to transfer the images onto the mugs giving fantastic photographic results.

Single 11oz Pink Glitter Mug
11oz Pink Glitter mug Sublimation Blue glitter mug with a white inner. This is a new popular product and looks fantastic for printing text - black text stands out really well, perfect for a gift to a glitter fan.

Personalised photo ideas, personal message or name or initials funny sayings or funny pictures.
These are examples, you can have anything you would like to add to your personalised mug you can have any sayings,date year etc.

The price for this Personalised 11oz Pink Glitter mug is just £7.99 plus £3.50 postage and packing

Once you have purchased your Personalised 11oz Pink Glitter mug:
After purchasing a personalised Christmas Gift /s please fill out the form for each purchase on this page. This will let us know what you have purchased and what photograph and or words you would like printing. Thank you.

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